Switzerland Trekking

Connect with yourself in nature during a 5-day mountain trekking

Challenging mountain trek 

Join Olympic beach volleyball player Jantine van der Vlist and Wim Hof Method instructor Hagar Michel to a journey inside yourself in the Swiss Alps.


We combine a challenging hike and exposure to the cold with meditation, qigong, and breathing exercises. The 40 km trail offers views of glaciers, 4000 meter peaks, and arguably the most scenic alpine lake in Switzerland. Some days we hike for over 6 hours and face the elements of nature, physical highs and lows. On other days we rest more and have time to meditate, contemplate and regain strength in silence.  (Also, we take time to reflect and regain strength in silence.)

We aim to sleep in cabins along the way. If this is not possible due to circumstances (let's say: Corona), we will sleep in tents.

For whom
Fit people who like movement inside and outside themselves.


Preparation day: August 2023 in the Netherlands

Trekking: September 2023

Switzerland. Travel to Bern by train.
Route: Lauterbrunnen – Mürren – Rotstockhütte – Gespalthornhütte – Bundalp – Blümplistalphütte – Oeschinensee - Kandersteg
Approximately 40 kilometer with 2950 vertical gain.

Group size
5 - 8 persons



We will meet one time in the Netherlands before we set off to Switzerland to prepare together, as a group. This day serves as the start of our transformational process together, of which the trek will be the challenging climax. We introduce breathing exercises, meditation, and qigong as well as cold exposure. We also go on a hike and practically prepare for the trek in Switzerland. To further prepare yourself in the weeks leading up to the hike, you will receive some exercises and practical guidance.

Normal price: tbd

This includes:

  • Complete program on all days (see below for an example)

  • Guidance on your outer and inner journey.

  • Preparation both online and one day in person (including lunch and beverages) in the Netherlands.

  • All accommodation in Switzerland (6 nights)

  • Food & beverages on the way (6 days)

Transport to and from Switzerland (Bern) is not included.

What will a day on the trek look like?


7:00  Wake up

7:15   Qigong

7:45  Breakfast

8:45  Packing


9:00  Hike

10:30 Break & reflection exercise

11:00  Hike


12:30  Lunch


13:30  Hike

15:30  Arrival at the hut, rest

16:30  Breathing exercises

17:15   Cold exposure


18:00  Food

19:30   Group exercise

20:00  Free time

21:00   Meditation