Night in the Woods 

Back to basics & free like a bird.
Hiking and sleeping in the Dutch forest

An exciting day and night experience in the woods

We have been restricted by Corona rules for a couple of months now, but there is no need to feel limited.  Go back to the basics in nature and experience that you don't need much to feel free!

Imagine hiking for a day, arriving at your destination in the woods and falling asleep in your sleeping bag between the trees. Waking up in the morning to the sounds of the birds and probably some sore muscles because you were sleeping on the floor after a long hike, the day before. Does this image make you curious? Excites you in a way?

During various points in our hike, we have a wide range of experiences for you and the rest of the group. Think of meditation, reflective excerises, breath work and qigong. You will walk away from a full day and night in the woods with renewed energy, realizing you are as free as a bird. You will feel grounded by nature, grateful for the things you have and excited about the likeminded people you just met.

Ever felt like trying something like this out? Join us on this adventure!

Practical info down below.



Practical Info

For whom

For anyone who feels the urge to go back to basics in nature. 


- Saturday October 17, 10:30 AM until October 18, 13:00 PM.


The hike takes place in the forest and along the Rhine in the center of the country. 

Group size

Maximum 12 persons


Regular price: 135 euros.

95 euros for people who cannot afford the normal price.
We also reserve one spot for someone who can definitely use a night in the woods, but cannot afford it.
To apply (yourself or someone else), send an e-mail to (participation not guaranteed).
Invoices can be sent upon request.

This includes:

  • Guided meditations, breathing exercises and qigong practices

  • Hikes through the beautiful Dutch countryside and forests

  • A space in between trees to lay down your sleeping bag (with very basic facilities nearby)

  • Three healthy vegetarian meals and snacks


We will keep 1.5m social distance and will be outdoors for the entire duration of the experience.