We are two warm and powerful women that strive to live a conscious life. The two of us love and seek out both the silence with in us as well as the silence that nature has to offer. At the same time, we are not scared to look for our (selfmade) boundaries and challenge ourselves mentally and physically (bike picture above -clearly - not representative of these challenges).

Powerful to us means to feel in every moment, look inside, sense when and where resistance comes up, and open up for a space for growth. To embrace life fully, with whatever comes your way, including all the ups and downs. To go past resistance and simply experience what is. That is courage.

Only with this courage you can feel and know if you’re in the right place and on the right path. Stand in your power, and start manifesting from a warm and open heart.



Hi, my name is Jantine. I have had the luck to travel the world as a professional beach volleyball player for several years. In 2016, I participated at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and I strongly believe that meditation and visualization have played an important role in qualifying for these Olympics. It helped me realize that I could manifest greater things than I thought I was capable of.

You may call me an expert in the human body. I have been pushing my legs in mountain hikes since I was 5 years old, finished my Master in human movement sciences and after that became an Olympian. But. Even though I am absolutely in love with the human body, I have experienced it has little power when it is not connected with our mind and spirit. That is why meditation and different Taoist practices have been part of my daily routine for years now.

I am especially touched by the tremendous power and grace of moving qigong. The combination of a moving body and a still, focused mind can bring me in a magical state of flow. To me it is the best form to connect the body, mind and spirit. It increases the energy flow in your body and really lights a fire inside. 

In am people oriented and many describe me as loving, available, present and calm. People say they feel totally respected and loved for who they are. In my coaching I like to focus on their unique qualities and let them know it is all o.k. From this base of trust I encourage them to take the next step in life. And I can not think of a better place to do this than in a beautiful forest or mountain top! 

After the Olympics I retired as an athlete and became a coach. Currently I coach the Dutch Paralympic Boccia team on their way to the Tokyo Paralympic Games. I live together with Joel and our son Edyn (2019) in a little house in the woods. Our holidays are always spent in nature, with Nepal, Switzerland and Iceland as favorite destinations.

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My name is Hagar. Ever since I am able to remember, I’ve been interested in people and their behaviors. I always liked to take time for myself, reflect and ask questions to dive deeper into my own consciousness and into that of others. Figuring out myself and the things around me. When I started the quest to get to know myself, the world inside and outside me expanded.

Meditation and being in nature were two elements that helped me tremendously in this. But during my soul searching, I also stumbled upon breath work. The patterns and processes that came up surprised me, just as the mental, physical, and emotional relief different breath work methods offer. I decided to dive deep in and started practicing both the Wim Hof Method as well as holotropic breathing on a regular basis.

I started coaching friends through breathing and cold experiences. People told me that I stood my ground, really knew what I was doing, created a safe environment and managed to help people go through experiences they thought they weren't capable of. Opening them up in a soft and gentle way. I believe I offer space, all my attention and serve as a guide for people I coach. Listening, paying attention and tuning into other people's needs.

I love joining and facilitating group work. I am also trained in family constellation work and practice in my spare time. Currently I work with Awake Origins, an international movement of leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers that are getting more and more awake. Since this work can be done for 80% from behind my laptop, I am incredibly grateful that I can call both Amsterdam and Berlin as my home. In Berlin, I aim to live a community based lifestyle and have been blessed with a garden house where I spend the summers. Besides traveling between these two cities, I venture out to many different places around Europe.


 Our mission is to support you to show courage on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. We believe that nature is our most important teacher that brings her teachings in many forms through her raw, wide, nurturing, silent, and challenging character. Using these characteristics, it helps us to get acquainted with, and learn from, the wisdom that is always inside. Due to these ever changing circumstances, we learn to get into activities fully, without knowing you will ‘succeed’ in the way you had in mind. To explore boundaries and go deeper.


 Nature is stunning, humbling, and peaceful. Meditation is healing and can be enjoyable. But in the end, you need courage to overcome blockages and get to places. That is why we like to challenge you a bit more. We believe you need challenges to get to know yourself better. Get to know yourself, so you are able to go beyond what you think you are. We help you to step out of your patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back from living a magnificent life.