Iceland Trekking

Dive deep and challenge yourself in breathtaking nature

Intense trek trough unique landscapes

Join us on this unique journey through the magical landscapes of Iceland.  While we pass through bright green hills and take a moment to meditate. There will be an intense glacier climb waiting for you around the corner.

The landscapes that we will pass through are absolutely breathtaking and you will be well aware that the earth is a living planet. We will see boiling water and gasses emerging from the earth.

It is a challenging trek with some serious days of hiking. But we would not be TAO Trekking if we did not take some extra time to enjoy the stillness and reflect on ourselves. We will meditate, do breathing exercises and qigong. And when we camp alongside a beautiful lake, we will -of course- expose ourselves to the cold.

For whom 

Everyone who likes the combination of challenging nature and inner peace. You need some basic condition for the trekking, but we will help you with that in our build-up to the Iceland adventure.


We will start our journey with two days of preparation in April-June 2022. The final trekking in Iceland will be in July 2022 (exact dates will follow).



Reykjavik - Landmannalaugar (by bus)- Hrafntinnusker (12km) - Álftavatn (12km, rest day) - Botnar (15km)- Thorsmork (15km)- Fimmvörduskáli (12km) - Skógar (12km) - Reykjavik (by bus)

Approximately 78 kilometer with a maximum altitude of 1100m.

Group size

5 - 8 persons


We will meet two times before we set off to Iceland. In these days we will start a transforming process together of which the trekking will be the challenging climax. We will introduce breathing exercises, meditation and qigong as well as cold exposure. You will reflect on your own patterns and connect with the others on a deeper level. Of course we will also do some great hiking and practically prepare for the trekking.


1150 euro
This includes:

  • Guidance on your outer and inner journey.

  • Two days of preparation with lunch and beverages in The Netherlands.

  • Bus transport from Reykjavik to the hiking trail and back.

  • 2 nights of accommodation in Reykjavik.

  • 7 nights sleeping in a tent.

  • Luggage transport.


Your flight to Iceland and food and beverages in Iceland are not included.