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Nature Leads The Way Inside

Use the elements of nature to level-up your physical and mental power. 

Become more present, start living in the here and now and..


Enjoy the journey!

Events & Treks

Night in the Woods | Fall Edition

Oct, 2022

Go back to basics by immersing yourself in nature for a day and night. Hike through the Dutch countryside and sleep right under de stars with only your sleeping back on you. Along the way, we will do different meditative and reflective exercises.

October 2022
TAO Trekking

September 2021

How beautiful are the Swiss Alps?! We trek through the mountains, practice qigong and breathwork before we jump into cold waters and end the day with a soothing meditation.

September 2022
Customized TAO Retreat or Trekking

You like our style and wish for a customized program for yourself or a group of people?

TAO Trekking

July 2022

Trek through the enchanting moon-like landscape of Iceland. Walk on glaciers, expose yourself to the cold, meditate, practice qigong and breathing exercises, walk and simply be.

July 2023
TAO Trekking

November 2022

On this trekking trip we will immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Himalayas mountain range and the wisdom of the Nepalese culture. Meditate in monasteries and challenge yourself with some serious uphill hiking. 

November 2023
More to come :)
2021 - 2025

Who we are

Jantine van der Vlist

Olympic beach volleyball player | Coach | Practitioner of meditation and Qigong | Nature and mountain lover

Hagar Michel

Wim Hof Method Instructor | Digital nomad | Constantly in motion |
Life enthusiast 

"Hagar guided the group from a peaceful place that radiated trust. She focuses on the group while keeping an eye on the individual. This made the atmosphere calm & relaxed, and made us feel safe although we were having many first time experiences that were quite exciting!"

- Jasmijn van der Hamsvoord


We believe...

.. in the combination of nature, meditative exercises and courage to stimulate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Courage reveals itself in challenging environments. We will put you in such environments, and allow you to find your own courage to grow, all under our expert guidance. Whether this is a mountain to climb,  bathing in ice-cold waters, or being in complete silence surrounded by a large forest. 

Tao Trekking is an initiative which emerged from Olympic beach volleyball player Jantine, and Wim Hof Method instructor Hagar. Both are nature lovers who do not fear confrontations with the elements of nature nor themselves. Tao Trekking organizes day trips and weekends in the Netherlands. As well as longer and more challenging treks around the world.


Elements of our events


Being in nature works both as energizing and grounding. Perfect for our events! Walking against a strong wind, or seeing the sun rise both energize you deeply. Being with trees that do not judge can be very comforting as well. Not to say you will have to hug them, but.. feel free.


An important way to clear your mind and experience more joy. We make use of healing visualizations and meditations that are inspired by Taosim. Whether you have never meditated before or you have experienced 10 Vipassana retreats, you will be perfectly capable to join.


Since we will be with a group of like-minded people, we will not skip the opportunity to connect with each other. In a natural way, with the help of some exercises we will have the chance to get to know each other (and ourselves) on a deeper level.


It can be weird at first, being with others and keeping the silence. You will become ultra aware of how you are around other people, how you can connect and feel without words. Go beyond the discomfort and discover what silence can bring within you!

Cold Exposure & Breath Work

You are capable of leading yourself through processes you probably weren't even aware of. Be curious, go past your (limiting) beliefs, let go and surrender to yourself and the power that resides within.


Qigong uses body movement, breath and meditation to set your 'qi' in motion. This harmonizes your life energy and improves your health. Sounds vague? It kind of is, just accept it. Feel into it. And judge yourself what it can do for you.


Team and Personal Development

You like our style and wish for a customized program for yourself or a group of people? 

We organize private day sessions and treks as well. Depending on your wishes, we will take you on a challenging journey within yourself and let nature, cold exposure, breathing exercises, qigong and/or meditation assist us. 


This can be personal coaching, that we tailor according to your questions and needs. For groups we offer specific team building aspects. Let us know what your wishes are – we're always open for a chat.


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